Our timeline

November 2009: off birth control
March 2010: officially TTC
November 2010: first chemical
March 2011: start IF testing
March 2011: first of 6 IUIs
June 2011: first round of Clomid = BFP!
July 2011: ectopic suspected, confirmed & terminated
January 2012: fresh IVF round - total and complete failure with no frosties
March 2012: second chemical
July 2012: donor egg bank FET = BFP!
August 2012: hear and see heartbeat
September 2012: no heartbeat and D&C
October 2012: third chemical
January 2013: we learn we have FOUR donor egg embryos waiting for us
April 2013: FET - we transfer two of those beautiful embryos = BFP!
April 2013: we see that two embryos took - fraternal twins!
May 2013: we see that one of the embryos has stopped growing - but the other SPLIT! Identical twins!
June & July 2013: lots of guesses that these are girls
July 2013: anatomy scan - things look perfect and the official "you're having girls" is given!
December 2013: official due date, but we expect the girls to be here by Thanksgiving

NOVEMBER 18, 2013: OUR LIVES WERE FOREVER CHANGED WITH THE BIRTH OF OUR IDENTICAL TWIN DAUGHTERS. They came at 35&4 at a scheduled c-section due to my pre-eclampsia. They also came out PERFECT. No NICU time needed, no special care needed, they did skin on skin immediately and were nursing the moment we got back from the OR. They spent the days in hospital with us as I recovered and then came straight home with us. Our infertility journey is over but I will never ever forget what I experienced and learned, and those I met. I will always be an infertile.

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  1. You've been through so much, and it's terribly unfair. My husband and I have been trying for 2.5 yrs, lost our first son (who was easily conceived) at 17 weeks, then went on to have two early losses in 2011 and just last August. Like you, we both come back as perfectly normal in all testing. I've recently started blogging about our ongoing ttc journey, and will definitely add your blog to those I follow.