Monday, September 30, 2013

Bump picture - 28+4

Just because I didn't have one last week, here's a shot from this morning. I pulled the grey sweater up because it's not form fitting.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

28 weeks!

Well, we made it - THIRD TRIMESTER OFFICIALLY! Twin complications aside, 28 weeks = these girls have a 90% survival rate if they were to come out now. This is amazing to us both. I can feel A move ALL. THE. TIME. It hurts sometimes, even, when she throws a shoulder or drags her elbow against my thinning belly. Makes me jump but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I don't feel B as much, but nobody seems worried and says it's because of my placent placement. I do feel her when I drink cold water and then lie on my left side - she apparently doens't like being squished and lets me know!

I had a scan on Tuesday and they look great. A's heartbeat was at 162 which made the u/s tech re-test her because 160 is the "ok" cut off apparently. Her next heartbeat check was 156. Tech (who TTCd for 10 years and finally had an IVF cycle work for her 12 years ago) was much happier and told me baby's heartbeats go up with braxton hicks contractions. I was in there for a scan because I'd been having a LOT of BH contractions as well as some slight cramping and some rectal pressure. Turns out my cervix remains LONG and CLOSED which is a good sign.

We finished our 4 week birthing class on Tuesday night. It was a really helpful and useful class but I am glad that it's over. I am so so so tired these days that having a class from 7-9 on Tuesdays that usually went a little long and didn't have us getting home until 9:40 or so was exhausting to me. The work weeks recently have been really taxing on me. Plus the travel to Chicago and the week day classes, I was feeling a bit like a walking zombie. Still am, but am glad we don't have many evening commitments left. Next week, however, we have one final evening class - Infant CPR for 3 hours.

We're taking our "all things twins" class this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 1-5. Will be good, I hope, and is taught by a doula who specializes in twins. We're meeting with her on October 6 to see about hiring her to be our doula. She's the owner of a doula group that also does post-partum doula so we'll be hiring someone to come in a couple of nights a week to give us some reprieve (we've been told by other twin parents that it is a MUST).

This past weekend I had my Portland baby shower, thrown by two good friends. So many friends, old and newer, came to celebrate these girls, including one of my oldest friends from California. It was truly amazing to be surrounded by so many strong, independent women, all sending their energy our way. We didn't play any games other than "guess the size of her belly" with ribbon. I actually won, and was only an inch off on the size (I drew out a ribbon that was 108 centimeters long and my belly is 109 centimeters wide) but I of course don't get to win that game. The winner was pretty close, I believe. It was HILARIOUS how small and large some people guessed. The shortest wasn't even 1/2 my belly and the longest probably fit around me twice. Yikes!

On the whole, I am doing well, but I am also really starting to feel this twin pregnancy. I am measuring at 35 weeks and my back and knees feel it. My knees HURT when I crouch down and I let out a grown. My hands are both always tingly from the carpal tunnel and they hurt, so watching me get up from the ground or out of bed is hilarious since I don't have stomach muscles and don't have hands that are easy to rely on or put pressure on. My fingertips are totally numb, which means I have to be careful picking things up so as not to drop them. And while I used to be the fastest walker around, I now get passed by absolutely everyone as I waddle my way around. I am not sleeping - I am up to pee 3-4 times a night and then also awake at other times because my hips ache or my hands are tingly and sore. I used to wake up with the sun, which in the summer time means before 5am. Now, it's a struggle for me to get out of bed by 8 and I just want to lie around and snooze. I have never hit snooze on the alarm before this pregnancy and now it is my best friend!

My doc told my this week that I look tired and that he wants me to start to pull back. I am trying to figure out how to make that happen.

No belly shot yet but I will take one and upload it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

27 weeks!

This was a big week. Depending on which calculation you use, I am either in the final week of the second trimester now or ... THIS IS THE START OF THE THIRD TRIMESTER. Either way, EEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!

We flew to Chicago last Friday. Flying was on the NO list for the majority of this pregnancy. Why? Well, irrationally, I blame a couple of things for my miscarriage last summer. I was in a 3-day trial the week we lost the pregnancy, so of course trial work was OUT as soon as I got pregnant. But then I also flew to Chicago for a family weekend get-together - two weeks later, the pregnancy was over. I know neither of these things likely had anything to do with the loss, but both of them were OUT as soon as I got pregnant this time.

However ... our MFM urged us to have a baby shower with family there. "Tradition" he called it and told us we deserve to engage in these fun activities and create memories with family. So we booked mileage tickets and headed to Chicago.

The shower - themed "Thing 1 and Thing 2" was thrown by two of my sister-in-laws. It was hosted at my mum's house as she has a beautiful gorgeous amazing garden. The weather could not have been nicer and we had a garden party. Almost the whole family was there and even long-time family friends from New Hampshire and Kentucky came in for it. I was overwhelmed and cried a few times during the day.

I wore compression socks, drank more water than I thought possible and walked around a lot on the flight there and home. And ... YEAH ... the babies didn't die! I was so happy to feel them Monday afternoon. I think they were tired, though, because they were much quieter than usual. They're back to their rambunctious selves, though, which I love.

I had an 27 week OB appointment today. Again, they look wonderful. Perfect. Great. All good news.

And, because I am carrying twins, I am measuring THIRTY-FOUR WEEKS! Wow. 34 weeks. That's almost full term.

I did catch a cold this week, probably from the travel and a compromised immune system. It had me home from work yesterday at lunch and all day today. I slept most of today after the OB appointment and am now feeling much better. My back is spasming from the cold - I always carry a cold in my back - but gentle stretching is helping.

I do laugh that I caught a cold. On Monday at a work meeting, I sat next to a woman. She moved away saying "I have a cold, you don't want to sit next to me." I said "oh, I'm not worried." Why did I say that? Because I never ever ever get sick. I have the most awesome of immune systems (probably EXACTLY why I needed to get the natural killer cell treatment to get and stay pregnant). My immune system now? Not so great. Apparently, it sucks. I got sick Tuesday night, less than 24 hours after any exposure. Oops!

On a much more fun note, two handmade quilts from Toni arrived today. THANK YOU! They are beautiful and the girls will absolutely be safe and warm and happy in them.

Finally, and sorry for the disjointed nature of this blogpost, we have our Portland baby shower Saturday! I cannot wait to see dear friends, including one who is coming up from California. Again, I feel so so so honored. Also coming is my infertility yoga instructor who is a mom through donor egg. And many of the brave women I met through this IF journey are coming, despite baby showers traditionally being hard on an infertile. I simply cannot wait to have the girls surrounded once again by strong, loving and supportive women. 

I am feeling so very lucky right about now. Let's continue to hope that things continue to go so well.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big couple of days

On Monday, I went in for my glucose test. I was a little nervous about it, given that I have a twin pregnancy (higher risk for gestational diabetes) and that I have a sweet tooth that has mostly manifested itself in lots and lots and lots of fruit but also does love to eat ice cream and chocolate.

Turns out, my worries were for naught. I passed the initial test and then passed the one hour and two hour test with flying colors. Apparently everyone at the office was holding their breath on my results and was ecstatic at how good the numbers were.

I also had an anemia test and the nurse told me she has never seen such good blood count numbers in a twin pregnancy. I am of course very relieved with this news.

Today, we went in for an ultrasound at the MFM's office. We still go there every 2 weeks. The girls look GREAT - their fluid sacs are equal (TTTS red flags if not), their bladders and stomachs were easily visible (TTTS red flags if not) and their sizes are almost the same (9% difference and anything over 20% difference is a concern). One weighs 2 pounds 1 ounce, the other weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces. The most conservative and worrier doctor read our ultrasounds (I was told to avoid her when I was looking for an MFM because she freaks out easily) and even she said things look perfect.

And my cervix - my beautiful and strong and diligent cervix - is still measuring over 4cm! Even with pressure. 

I was given the a-ok to fly to Chicago for our first baby shower - we leave Friday. So exciting!

So these past few days have been big and splendid and just amazing. The girls are moving and kicking like crazy and I have been RAVENOUS the past few days (the past few nights, I've had to get up to make a sandwich in the middle of the night, which is a first for this pregnancy). And my belly has been itching. So I think another growth spurt is happening.

So in love with these girls. So hopeful things continue to go well. Feeling so lucky.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

25 weeks

I can't help but think the girls (aka my tummy) had a growth spurt. I didn't realize until later that I was wearing the same shirt, but I think it highlights the change:

24 weeks:

25 weeks

This week, the carpal tunnel, especially in my left hand, has been so bad. I've been awake a lot at night in pain, which has made me very tired during the work day. I have taken to icing my wrist and hand throughout the day and evening and will try to pick up a carpal tunnel wrist brace (OB's suggestion) for at night. Ouch.

Other than that, things are good and easy. Girls are moving a LOT and I'm still feeling pretty good.

Monday, September 2, 2013

24 weeks - VIABILITY! - and catch up from prior weeks

We were on vacation when I hit 22 and 23 weeks, hence no blog posts. I had shoddy internet access on my phone and no interest in being on a computer!

And then something remarkable happened. On Thursday, August 29, I HIT VIABILITY! I saw my doc on the Monday before and mentioned viability to him. He didn't seem as excited as me - he said "well, just because they CAN come out now doesn't mean we WANT them to come out now." No shit, doc, but it's still really exciting that we got to a place where these girls have a 39% chance of survival if something went totally wrong and they came out NOW.

In other news, my cervix at Monday's appointment is still long - over 4 cm - and closed. YEAH CERVIX! Let's hope it stays that way.

Pics, before I continue:

22 weeks:

24 weeks:

On the symptom front:


--- I have developed pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. Which means I don't sleep for shit at night. My left hand is much worse, even when I'm not sleeping on my left side. My hand and most of my arm falls asleep and is tingly. It wakes me up and it's hard to get back to sleep. I've taken to icing my wrists just before I go to bed and that seems to be helping but it's still a struggle to sleep at night. Between that and the peeing and hip soreness, I just don't sleep!

--- My poor poor feet are back to being very sore and swollen.

--- My hands are swollen - had to take my rings off. And by "take" them off I really mean "force" them off, causing some damage to my knuckle. Ouch!

--- Heartburn - came and now appears to have gone again, which is nice.

In other news, WE HAVE A NURSERY! We're still waiting for the glider we ordered to show up (probably another 6 weeks), but last Saturday, three guy friends came over and helped us move. It was like moving house because we had to move heavy furniture and books from every room in our tiny house. It was a mess. The guys started at 10:30, took an hour break for pizza and more beer, and finished around 4:30. Wow, do we have good friends!

Pictures below. I took this first one to show what the office became - used to be a lovely organized office but then we started getting baby items and hubby was working on our dressers which meant all the clothing inside the dresser drawers went in piles on the office floor. Man oh man was it a mess. One of our guy friends brought his family (who are our god kids, but for the fact that they aren't religious) and the adorable 3 year old opened the door and came running back to say "mommy, you HAVE to look in there." Here ya' go:

And then a video, now that our cribs (gifts from hubby's mom and step-dad) arrived: