Thursday, May 9, 2013

8 weeks today

Today, I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have been feeling rather confident that there is at least one still growing in there, so hopefully that confidence will continue.

I don't have another ultrasound until May 17 (when I'll be 9w1d) and I must admit that feels nice. Sure, it would be lovely to be able to use a wand at home and check they're still there, but going into a doctor's office and having the stress of waiting for them to come into the room to deliver good or bad news is just not in the cards for us this week. Or most of next week!

I didn't write any of the symptoms I've been having since I was really early pregnant, so I'm going to try to recount them here for my blog purposes.

3w3d (5dp5dt) I found out I was pregnant with an hpt. By that point, I had some twinges (not quite cramps) and was very bloated.

3w3d-3w5d I had some serious cramps, insomnia, food aversion and weird cravings (all I wanted, for example, were apples smothered in peanut butter - I salivated at the idea of them and wanted nothing else).

At 3w5d, my symptoms disappeared and I freaked out. That was my first OB beta.

The symptoms came back.

During weeks 4 through 6, I had tender boobs, cramps, hunger, food aversion, bloating, burping, itchy nipples, and exhaustion.

Weeks 6 and 7 were filled with hunger. All the time hunger. My symptoms did subside a little bit, and it turns out we had lost one of the three growing fetuses. I was also exhausted and took naps every day after work and for 2-3 hours each weekend day.

Some nausea set in around week 6, it went away, it came back at the end of week 7, and now it seems to have gone again. I haven't thrown up, I have gagged a few times, and generally just feel cruddy.

Week 8 symptoms (now that I'm sort of caught up):

--- my left nipple and boob was TO DIE FOR itchy last night. I woke up this morning with a hicky looking thing on my chest from, presumably, scratching during the night.
--- exhaustion still (not as bad, though)
--- some cramping, on and off
--- blood pressure was lower than normal at my naturopath's yesterday (120/62)
--- my boobs are enormous
--- total food aversion yesterday (followed by scarfing down the high-protein food I forced myself to eat)
--- interesting new addition to the symptom rack: loose stool (sorry, TMI). I am hoping it's because the placenta has started to take over, my body is now generating its own progesterone along with the injections I'm still taking, and the added progesterone has caused stomach problems
--- burping - after every meal, I burp a million times
--- white cottage-cheese-like (no odor) discharge - again, a new symptom and one I am hoping is a sign of increasing progesterone levels (I called my OB about this and they weren't worried provided there is no odor)

I officially (and hopefully) have 2 weeks of injections left. My hips are full of tiny knots that I massage and apply heat to. The injections themselves don't actually hurt, which is quite lovely.

Fruit season is happening here and I am excited to load my pregnancy up with local and fresh fruit. I found some local strawberries yesterday and, while not yet local, also found some CHERRIES! My favorite!

Mini resolve meeting tonight. I am really looking forward to seeing the women who have become good friends. There are two of us who are pregnant and one woman had her donor egg transfer on Tuesday and is PUPO. Of our small group of 14-16 women, we're slowly having some lucky ones (hopefully) exit this rat race.


  1. The cherries are ready now? How did I miss that? I'll have to hit the farmer's market this weekend.

  2. Congratulations on hitting this milestone. Fingers are crossed for the upcoming ultrasound.

  3. Hi Girl - just wondering how are you doing? Hope you are takeing every day, one at a time. Xoxo