Thursday, June 6, 2013

12 weeks today!

Today is a day of firsts.

First time hitting 12 weeks.

First time NOT TAKING A SHOT!!!!! (I had planned on going through and including 12 weeks, having requested the 2 weeks extra past 10 weeks, but when I couldn't find a place that didn't hurt, I poured the PIO down the drain and said "no shot today, honey, we're done!")

First time RIDING MY BIKE TO WORK as a pregnant woman! The last time I rode my bike was March 27 or 28. My mum arrived the end of that week for Easter so I drove in order to pick her up. And then on April 1, I drove straight to work from dropping her at the airport that morning. Then our transfer was April 2 and our RE said "no bike riding." Met with an OB a few weeks ago and he deferred the bike riding question to the MFM. Met with the MFM last Friday and he totally ok'd it! Monday I was too sick, Tuesday hubby drove and I went with him, yesterday I had to drive 4 hours round-trip for work, and then today I RODE MY BIKE!!!! Slowly and carefully and loving every second of it. This is HUGE because I am a bike commuter. I have ridden my bike almost every day since starting this job in August 2007. I have been missing it and I loved riding it again today. When I took my bike out of the garage, I said "hello, old friend!"

Today is a super dooper fantastic day in my books.

I'm not entirely sure when the 2nd trimester starts. Some docs have told me "the start of week 13" but the MFM ultrasound tech last week told us "start of the 14th week." Either way, I am (hopefully) marching my way towards that.

Symptoms that came on during the past week:

--- hemorrhoids - mild ones but I suspect they'll only get worse. Yuck.

--- mild constipation - (TMI alert) - still having regular BMs but they are starting to hurt a bit. Double yuck. I am eating anywhere from 4-6 whole pieces of fruit a day. I can only imagine what this would be like if I didn't have a fruit appetite!

--- exhaustion went away for a few days and it's back back back! This one I don't mind as snuggling with kitties and doggies after work is always a great thing.

Our mini-resolve group of women who met regularly has formed a mini-pregnant-resolve group. There are 6 of us so far and we're having our first get-together tonight. It'll be nice to see them and also be in a room of women who are pregnant after infertility. It is a strange place to be, back feeling that I don't belong anywhere. I certainly don't feel like I belong in a room of fertile pregnant women, and I feel like I am too far along to go to the resolve meetings. So, until we formed this group, I felt back on an island by myself. But tonight, I will see my friends and we will talk pregnant-after-infertility stuff and all the other fun stuff. One of the women (who is about 24 weeks pregnant) has a bunch of maternity clothes she doesn't want so we get to go through those tonight. My first maternity gear acquisition!


  1. Congratulations on hitting this milestone! Hoping the upcoming milestones are equally fantastic and that the rest of this pregnancy is filled with many more bike rides.

  2. So happy for you! Silently saying a prayer every night. Those twinkies are going to have the best mama and daddy ever !!

  3. So happy you are almost done with the first trimester. You continue to give me hope with each passing day.

  4. Congrats on hitting 12 weeks! My doctor said the 2nd trimester starts at 13 weeks so that is what I went with!

  5. Yay for 12 weeks! I'm impressed you aren't in any maternity clothes yet. It's so nice that you have a group of friends who are pregnant after infertility. It makes such a huge difference to have pregnant women you can relate to.