Thursday, July 4, 2013

16 weeks

Happy 4th! We made it to 16 weeks pregnant ... HOLY SHIT!

Not much to report. This past week has been busy for us but also relatively symptom free for me. I still really only want fold-over PB&J sandwiches and have added 3 high protein Boost drinks per day to my diet (to try to avoid TTTS). We had an ultrasound on Monday with our OB to try to learn gender but the little ones were not cooperating. Then we saw them again yesterday with our MFM and again, they weren't fully cooperating. Hubby and I are still convinced they're both girls, so we will see. Next ultrasound is our anatomy scan on 7/17 so we *should* know then!!

Monday night, hubby says to me "I don't know how to raise girls." I reminded him that he also really doesn't know how to raise boys. Then he said "what if they don't like me?" I giggled and told him "they're going to adore you. They're going to follow you around like little ducklings. You'll be their daddy!"

Here's a picture from yesterday's scan. They're lying head to toe in this one and still are all snuggled up.

And here is a 16 week belly scan from this morning:


  1. Glad to hear it's been a pretty good week!

  2. Did you finally tell your co-workers? So glad that your pregnancy is doing well.

  3. 16 weeks! Oh I am so happy! i feel like its unreal! its so amazing!