Sunday, December 22, 2013

Notes from my hospital stay - in bullet form

US federal law for c-section = 96 hrs. Use it. Meaning, don't go home early unless you really can't stand being in the hospital.

Write down the names of every shift nurse and something to remind you who they are ("held my hand during blood pressure check" for example). You might want to thank the nurses later.

The nurses can give you SO. MUCH. STUFF. We got hundreds of dollars of necessary baby stuff for free. Ask and they'll probably provide! Same applies to the lactation consultants.

START PUMPING RIGHT AWAY. Seriously, start right away after every meal if possible just to stimulate your breasts and get your milk supply going. I started pumping the very first day in the hospital.

Breast pump - get someone to pick it up so you can go through it with lactation consultant if you want. And, RENT A HOSPITAL GRADE PUMP as it is so much better than the ones you get through insurance. You may not need it but if you have any milk production issues, the hospital grade pump is so much better.

Use lactation consultant's expertise. Over. And over. And over again! Daily.

Use the nursery at night! The nurses will take great care of the babies and you can get solid sleep. They'll bring the babies in for feeding time if you want. Once you get home, no sleep for you! Also, sleep in the hospital will help you recover from either a vaginal birth or a c section.

If you have to go in early for monitoring, bring: own towel, shampoo (bring towel and shampoo and soap for hubby), soap, pillows (more than one), clothes as you probably won't need to be in the hospital gown, slippers or flipflops, air mattress or camping mattress for hubby to put on otherwise-uncomfy pull-out couch,

Shower morning of induction / c section. You won't want to shower the next day probably, and maybe even the day after that. If it's a scheduled c section, they'll put your hair in a head cap. You might still enjoy styling your hair, but the first photos with babies will include the hospital surgery cap.

Take swaddling lessons from the nurses. If you can own the swaddle, life will be a tiny bit easier!

They'll give you maternity underwear - gauze and huge. They are amazing. Horde and protect them. Especially if you have a c sec, you won't want normal underwear. And get some pads (the hospital will give you huge ones but buy normal ones at the store) as you'll bleed / spot for a while likely.

You will likely bleed for a few weeks (up to 6 weeks) so make sure you have some store-bought pads at home. You won't need the giant hospital ones after a while, but you also won't be able to use a panty liner.


  1. These notes are wonderful - thank you for sharing your experience/advice!

  2. I agree with this. I didn't mind being in the hospital afterward for two days, but hubby wanted out. We used the hospital pump right away and bought a decent one for home. Those undies are great...I brought a few home with me. Not many underwear that one already owns will hold those large pads. This is a great list.