Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Could it be your period?" Again!

So many of you blog about your hiatus from your period. Your beloved seven to eleven months period / pad / tampon free. After having a textbook perfect, 28 day cycle since I was about 13, I was ready for my deserved break. But it didn't come!

You'll remember I blogged about calling my healthcare provider from Australia because I thought I was hemorrhaging. The on-call doctor asked "could it be your period?" and stunned me into silence. Had not even thought about that, since I was only 7 weeks post-partum and breastfeeding my babies. Sure, at that point, they weren't both entirely breast fed, but I was breastfeeding and pumping enough and often enough to entirely feed one baby (if I had only one) so I figured my body would know that.

Nope. Period came.

A friend suggested that maybe I wouldn't get another period for a while.

Nope. 27 days later, my period showed up again.

And three weeks after that, it was baaaaaack! I almost worried I was pregnant, due to the intense cramping a few days before hand. I don't get cramping. At least I used not.

Now, 15 1/2 weeks post-partum with two ENTIRELY breastfed babies, my period is threatening (by way of cramping) to come again.