Friday, October 10, 2014


Our journey to a family consisted of:

3 chemicals
1 ectopic
1 failure of an IVF cycle using my own eggs
1 failure of a donor egg IVF cycle that resulted in a 9 week miscarriage
1 beautiful perfect donor egg IVF cycle that resulted in the precious, perfect, amazing identical twin girls just going down for a nap in the other room (but a loss, because both embryos started growing but one stopped while the other split).

Today, one week and one day shy of their 11 month birthday, I got a call. From our former MFM office. With an hcg beta blood test result.

I am pregnant.



Approximately - because I have NO idea when I ovulated - 5 1/2 weeks pregnant.

I don't know how. Well, I do know the "how" details, but I can't believe the "how" details.

Since peeing on two sticks yesterday and seeing the pregnant line show up before the control line, I have done some research. My Google topics included "pregnant after donor egg IVF." Turns out there is some blossoming but limited research on the idea that women who go through IVF - even a failed cycle - are more likely to get pregnant in the next 6 years than if they don't do an IVF cycle - again, this includes a failed IVF cycle. The research suggests that something about being pregnant "teaches" the body what to do. This is especially the case in women with PCOS, the idea being that being pregnant gives the endometrium a break so the many months post partum, the body is ready to be pregnant again.

Truly fascinating stuff.

The part that being pregnant CANNOT teach a body is about increasing egg quality.

So ... I go back for the standard second blood draw on Monday. Then an ultrasound. And then, should we get that far - we never ever ever have been even this far with my own eggs - we will do genetic screening and the materni21T test (or something like that).

For now. HOLY SHIT I AM PREGNANT. I am "that person." Sleeping donor egg twins (well, they're not quite sleeping, more like squealing and chatting and talking and NOT sleeping) next door and a "bun in the oven."



  1. Congratulations!! Hope things keep progressing nicely.

  2. This.happens..... Holy F.... This is awesome!!!!!

  3. Oh wow! That's insane and awesome and AMAZING! Congrats! Hoping for continued good news!

  4. Smiling..........................

  5. Holy crap. No way!!!! I am so happy for you! Picking my jaw up off the floor...

  6. Wow, congratulations! It's so amazing how things work out sometimes.

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