Monday, March 25, 2013

Silver lining

I found a silver lining today.

Remember how my lining was delayed at least a week? Today, as I left an appointment with my general practitioner, I realized I am glad for this delay.

You see, I got the same infection as the last two times I was on this horse dose of estrogen. A Bacterial Vagenosis infection, which will be followed by a yeast infection from the BV meds. The BV meds are ok for conception but the yeast infection meds must be taken and completed by the day before transfer.

If I was headed to transfer this Friday, I would be FREAKING OUT. Instead, I am calm and ready to be better by transfer, whenever that will be.

Lining re-check tomorrow. Here's hoping for at least an 8mm lining!!!


  1. Good luck with the lining check. Hoping for a good fat number for you!

  2. I am so ready to hear a good report about your lining. Fingers crossed and thinking about you!!

  3. Hoping you are all cleared and ready to go soon.

  4. Ah silver linings! :D There are seasons in my life where I am just clenching on to the silver linings