Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big couple of days

On Monday, I went in for my glucose test. I was a little nervous about it, given that I have a twin pregnancy (higher risk for gestational diabetes) and that I have a sweet tooth that has mostly manifested itself in lots and lots and lots of fruit but also does love to eat ice cream and chocolate.

Turns out, my worries were for naught. I passed the initial test and then passed the one hour and two hour test with flying colors. Apparently everyone at the office was holding their breath on my results and was ecstatic at how good the numbers were.

I also had an anemia test and the nurse told me she has never seen such good blood count numbers in a twin pregnancy. I am of course very relieved with this news.

Today, we went in for an ultrasound at the MFM's office. We still go there every 2 weeks. The girls look GREAT - their fluid sacs are equal (TTTS red flags if not), their bladders and stomachs were easily visible (TTTS red flags if not) and their sizes are almost the same (9% difference and anything over 20% difference is a concern). One weighs 2 pounds 1 ounce, the other weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces. The most conservative and worrier doctor read our ultrasounds (I was told to avoid her when I was looking for an MFM because she freaks out easily) and even she said things look perfect.

And my cervix - my beautiful and strong and diligent cervix - is still measuring over 4cm! Even with pressure. 

I was given the a-ok to fly to Chicago for our first baby shower - we leave Friday. So exciting!

So these past few days have been big and splendid and just amazing. The girls are moving and kicking like crazy and I have been RAVENOUS the past few days (the past few nights, I've had to get up to make a sandwich in the middle of the night, which is a first for this pregnancy). And my belly has been itching. So I think another growth spurt is happening.

So in love with these girls. So hopeful things continue to go well. Feeling so lucky.


  1. YAY for no GD, good cervical length and growing little girls!

  2. So glad everything is going so well and you passed the test!

  3. OMG, you are a OB rock Star!!! Way to go!! I know I am chowing down on friut totally has me worried too, but it's good sugar, and good for the babies we carry!! xoxox Too funny about our families...

  4. So glad that all is going well in this pregnancy.

  5. Such wonderful news all around. I am so glad for you and those babies. I will keep hoping that things keep moving along as well as they have. All the best to you all!

  6. Yay, im so happy everytime you post. I am so glad things are turning out so well :)