Monday, September 2, 2013

24 weeks - VIABILITY! - and catch up from prior weeks

We were on vacation when I hit 22 and 23 weeks, hence no blog posts. I had shoddy internet access on my phone and no interest in being on a computer!

And then something remarkable happened. On Thursday, August 29, I HIT VIABILITY! I saw my doc on the Monday before and mentioned viability to him. He didn't seem as excited as me - he said "well, just because they CAN come out now doesn't mean we WANT them to come out now." No shit, doc, but it's still really exciting that we got to a place where these girls have a 39% chance of survival if something went totally wrong and they came out NOW.

In other news, my cervix at Monday's appointment is still long - over 4 cm - and closed. YEAH CERVIX! Let's hope it stays that way.

Pics, before I continue:

22 weeks:

24 weeks:

On the symptom front:


--- I have developed pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. Which means I don't sleep for shit at night. My left hand is much worse, even when I'm not sleeping on my left side. My hand and most of my arm falls asleep and is tingly. It wakes me up and it's hard to get back to sleep. I've taken to icing my wrists just before I go to bed and that seems to be helping but it's still a struggle to sleep at night. Between that and the peeing and hip soreness, I just don't sleep!

--- My poor poor feet are back to being very sore and swollen.

--- My hands are swollen - had to take my rings off. And by "take" them off I really mean "force" them off, causing some damage to my knuckle. Ouch!

--- Heartburn - came and now appears to have gone again, which is nice.

In other news, WE HAVE A NURSERY! We're still waiting for the glider we ordered to show up (probably another 6 weeks), but last Saturday, three guy friends came over and helped us move. It was like moving house because we had to move heavy furniture and books from every room in our tiny house. It was a mess. The guys started at 10:30, took an hour break for pizza and more beer, and finished around 4:30. Wow, do we have good friends!

Pictures below. I took this first one to show what the office became - used to be a lovely organized office but then we started getting baby items and hubby was working on our dressers which meant all the clothing inside the dresser drawers went in piles on the office floor. Man oh man was it a mess. One of our guy friends brought his family (who are our god kids, but for the fact that they aren't religious) and the adorable 3 year old opened the door and came running back to say "mommy, you HAVE to look in there." Here ya' go:

And then a video, now that our cribs (gifts from hubby's mom and step-dad) arrived:


  1. I may not be pregnant yet but I do have carpal tunnel in both hands. Had it for almost 14 years and it isn't fun. I keep putting off surgery. Hopefully your carpal tunnel will subside after you deliver your two wonderful girls.

  2. love the video. such hopeful happy times!

  3. So excited for nursery and viability! I too am struggling with the tingly hands and arms when I sleep - it's worse than getting up a zillion times to pee!

  4. I don't comment often these days, but follow your blog and updates. Congratulations on viability and new nursery!Can't wait to read the birth story of your girls. Xoxo

  5. Congrats on 24 weeks! You & the nursery look great :)

  6. Crazy excited for you!!! 24 weeks with twins, who would have imagined. Can't wait to count down to 34 weeks and the cars :)

  7. Oh i love it, Hubs and I watched the Video together, we didn't feel as bad looking at our "spare room" now, our tiny house is the same - it's the dumping room! But that has to soon change, I'll take a before and after photos too.... Yikes I think yours actually look WAY better before then ours done. YAHHHHHH 24 weeks!!!!! I'm excited first thing i wrote you that weekend, how happy I am for you. Yeah cervix! nice work! XOXO You look beautiful!!