Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 yrs TTC

This month marks 3 years TTC.

It also marks 2 years of blogging.

And it marks the month our Seattle clinic will be growing our embryos for our next round of donor egg bank (calendar yet to be created so I don't know when transfer will be).

When I started each TTC and blogging I never thought I'd reach the 3 year mark of un-success.

I remember sitting at a restaurant in February 2011. An IRL friend was in the middle of her first (and only) IVF and I was gearing up for my first IUI in March. Another IRL friend had told me "how cool would it be if you both got pregnant at the same time." I was only a year into IF and heard that statement and was positive and excited about the prospect. I told my IVF friend and she said "what are the chances of two infertiles getting pregnant the same month?" She had no hope we would both get pregnant. Turns out she was right.

Now, two years later, I have that same hard shell, that same pessimism.

And so, here I sit, on the month that marks a lot of things.

We shall see what 2013 has in store for us.


  1. thinking of you. lots of hugs from all of us xx

  2. Hoping that the donor eggs work well this round.

  3. I hope thisis the year for us infertiles'

  4. The 3 yr mark is a hard one. I just hit it a month ago and seriously wanted to do nothing but curl under the covers and forget. I have hope for the future, though. That one way or another, everyone who walks this road will resolve. I'm with Toni: may 2013 be our year.

  5. I hit 3 years this past June and was lucky but nervous to be pregnant again. Thankfully that all worked out, but I know it's hard to be there without any real guarantees. I wish you all the luck this year.

  6. Bloody anniversaries are so hard. I'm sorry for the reminder of all you've been through. But this month also brings much promise for you. I will hang my hat on 2013 for you.