Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 weeks today

I am 5 weeks pregnant today. Most fertile women don't even know they're pregnant at this point, or are just finding out because their period is a little late. I, on the other hand, have known - and worried - about my pregnancy for almost 2 weeks already.

Today also marks the half way point (I hope) of my shots. I am set to stop them, provided things continue to go well, at the 10 week mark - May 23. While these shots are really getting tough and my body is hurting from them, I really really really hope I get to continue for another 5 weeks. There would be no silver lining or positive emotions about being told I "get" to finish the shots early. That would mean another dead pregnancy and I do not want that.

Last weekend, I had a huge lump on my left hip. I called into my clinic and heard from the nurse on call. She thought it was probably the medication that got stuck in my muscle and didn't move through. The hard lump (about the size of a 4 year old's fist) was hot but not red (that made the nurse happy). In the event that it got red, she suggested I take a permanent marker and draw around it to make sure the redness is not spreading. She then suggested (and this has been tough) that I avoid the left side for a while and do all my shots on my right side. <swallow hard> Finally, she suggested I put heat on the lump and massage it to try to move the medication through. Essentially, I have mastitis. Fortunately, almost a week later, the tips she gave me have worked. I've also been heating the right side to make sure that side doesn't blow up from taking all shots (including two IM shots on Sunday and Wednesday). So far, the right side is being a champ and is holding up.

My ultrasound is tomorrow. I am very hopeful, given my symptoms, for good news. As other bloggers have said "one more sleep 'til ultrasound."


  1. Woo hoo for 5 weeks and your first ultrasound! 5w1d is really early so don't be surprised if you don't see very much- it doesn't necessarily mean that it is not a viable pregnancy.

    Sorry to hear about your shots- yikes! I requested not to have PIO shots and my doctor was thankfully okay with that.

  2. may 23rd is my wedding anniversary, best day of my life, I know it will be yours this far too! I am sorry about the mastitis, I am glad is subsiding! I got one too on my progesterone once, it stayed for a little bit, after I did the same things it dissipated.
    I am thinking of how next year about the New years mark I'm going to fly across the US and visit my sister city and my sister from another mothah and... Her new little family... I cannot wait!! I just picture that in my mind every day!!
    Your Ultrasound is going to be wonderful, I cannot wait for the message to come through with a bean or 2!!! Yippe Skippe Mum!!!

    You are doing great!! xoxoxox

  3. PIO is a tough one. I don't know what your dosage is, but I ended up going with a more concentrated dosages (100 mg/ml instead of 50 mg/ml) so I could reduce the amount I was injecting. It helped with the bruising and made the shots more tolerable. That and night butt massages and heat.

    Hope your ultrasound is amazing tomorrow.

  4. Hoping that today you get some wonderful news. I'll have to remember to hot pack my injection sites too. I'll be doing some of the PIOs myself when my husband isn't around.