Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beta doubled

After a rather stressful day, I learned that my beta exactly doubled in less than 48 hours. The first beta - 168 - was at noon. The second - 336 - was at 9am.

Why was it stressful? It was self-induced, but here goes:

I got a call from my naturopath at 8:30 saying "I got your results [natural killer cell test] and talked to Dr. Coulam in Chicago. You need to come in for an IV."

How does an infertile who is scared her body is going to eat her pregnancy hear that? "YOUR LEVELS HAVE SPIKED, GET IN HERE NOW." I email her back "is it safe to wait 2 hours until my 10:45 appointment or should I come now?" I then go in for my blood test that is a STAT test.

I don't hear back, I go to the jail to visit a client, and then I head to my naturopath. Called the OB's office on the way to see if I could get the beta results to tell my ND. Results not back yet. It had been 90 minutes, so I was surprised.

Walk into my ND's office and I say "how bad is it?" She said "what? Your levels are suppressed. The treatment is working." Cue tears and a break down. I explain how I had understood her message (I don't think I was way out of line). She gives me a big hug and apologizes. Tells me I taught her a good lesson in communicating very clearly.

They take my blood pressure. It's through the roof. An hour later, after the IV, it's back to it's normal 120/70.

I leave. Call the lab. Still nothing. They call me at 1pm to tell me "we're checking regularly for the results and will call you." I worry the sample got lost. I can't concentrate at work at all.

Call comes in at 4:30. My levels have doubled in less than 48 hours. I am estatic. Cue tears on the phone to my OB's office and a "I'm really pregnant" cry from me.

Symptoms are BACK in full swing. Boobs are tender, bloating is here, cramping is like nothing before, food aversion is best friends with hunger, and the insomnia ... my god the insomnia ... last night I got into bed at 7, napped from 7:40 until about 8:20, then was back asleep by 9:15. I was then awake from 1:15 until 4:30, when I fell asleep until the alarm woke me at 6:20. One of my kitty's is my couch kitty now and shephards me through the insomnia by snuggling like it's her one and only job in life.

I'm loving it all. I've had two very mild bouts of nausea but nothing else ... yet.

Hoping I don't jinx anything here, but I think there might be TWO in there.

Official beta - which I was reluctant to do because my arms are so needled up from two betas, a NK cell blood draw and an IV - was this morning. Official RE results in a few hours. This is gonna be a big one! Today I am 10dp5dt.

I am still chowing the protein as much as I can. Breakfast is greek yoghurt and granola and a banana, lunch has been an apple smothered in peanut butter, snacks are almonds and pumpkin seeds, and dinner is whatever I can manage to eat (last night it was literally three bites of my hubby's pad thai take out). I did eat throughout the insomnia bout so I got a lot of protein and fiber last night.

I am so in love.


  1. Congratulations! That's great news!!

  2. Congratulations on the strong second beta!!

  3. I have wanted this for you so badly for so long it seems. You are going to be amazing mom! This IS going to work!

  4. I'm sorry you've been stressed out (totally understandable), but thrilled with your results!! Great news my friend! That last sentance is beautiful :) Sending many healthy thoughts your way.

  5. Communication glitches like that are enough to freak any one out. So glad that the beta doubled. Hoping that there are indeed two in there.