Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year. Today begins the Year of the Snake.

For those who read my old blog, you'll remember how excited I was about last year, the Year of the Dragon. In China, a child born in a Dragon Year is said to bring very good luck. I was very excited about the idea of my IVF baby / babies being conceived and born in a Dragon Year. I had plans: dragon baby costumes for Halloween, dragon baby nicknames. It was my year.

And then it wasn't.

I'm not as excited about this new year as much as I'm excited about the passing of last year.

Also, I was born in a Snake Year - 1977.

And, I lived with a snake - an albino python named Midas - in college. Maybe I just had to wait for this year to roll around again.

Still, the Year of the (Water) Snake brings "challenges" a woman told us at yoga tonight. I responded "labor is a challenge." I am setting my sights on labor and the challenges of (1) getting pregnant, (2) staying pregnant, (3) being pregnant, and (4) giving birth.

With that, I say Happy Chinese New Year and leave you with some fun images (The first one is bad ass and might need to be a tattoo if this year works out. The second one is adorable and might need to be a baby mural if I should be so lucky!).


  1. SNAKE is the Sign, water is more of a connection to birth, water breaking, labor, boil water she's in labor with her first BABIES!!! Oh Happy New Year Dear friend, Lot of Love and Possibilities to you in this new year, and it's full of them - I can see that!!!

  2. I blogged about The Year of the Snake yesterday. Even though it's said not to be very auspicious, here's hoping it brings more luck than the Dragon for all of us still in the trenches! Fingers crossed for you.