Saturday, February 2, 2013

The start of our cycle!

I'm not going to lie. There was a HINT of disappointment when my period showed up today (CD 28, right on time!). Who wouldn't rather avoid the stress of a cycle and all those shots?! But, with that HINT of disappointment came tons and tons and TONS of excitement!!!! This is the start of our donor egg bank cycle. We are now officially on our way towards those 4 beautiful embryos waiting for us.

In preparation for this journey, I decided a few months back that I would give up caffeine (and, with it, loads of warm sugar in the form of a daily latte) with the start of my period. So, today's caffeine infusion, which I am sipping while writing this, is my last for hopefully about a year! The wonders of this drink are that my period was NOT here when I peed an hour ago. I walked to get a treat and guess what showed up when I got home. Which means this treat doesn't violate my rule!

Today *probably* is CD1 but I'm going to start my bcp tomorrow just to be sure. And so that my pill-popping happens first thing every morning rather than 3pm today and 7am tomorrow. Update: I decided to take my first bcp. What wait?!!?

I have my suppression check set for March 12 and my lining check on March 26. Sometime in the next month, I get to travel up to Seattle (by choice, rather than doing it in Portland) for another SIS to make sure everything in my uterus still looks good. Hubby and I are already planning an over-night up there to have some fun.


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited?! I love those embryos. They are *probably* the last step of our journey. If those 4 embryos don't get us a take-home baby, we *probably* won't do anything more and will *probably* switch to high-gear on the adoption front. That said, those of you who remember summer-2012 cycle know that I declared *that* was our last attempt. What changed? Well, getting pregnant, seeing and hearing a heartbeat, and getting excited about being birth parents changed our minds. We wanted another shot at that dream. But there is only so much that anyone can take, so that's why these 4 are *probably* it for us.

I hope we get one out of those four. Please embryos, we love you so so so much. We will give you an AMAZING home. Give us a chance and stick around for 40 weeks, would ya?!

Stay tuned for more!

(I have started another blog that I will use specifically for donor egg issues. That's at


  1. I'm trilled for you! Of if I had a glass of wine I would have made a toast! :)
    Those embies must be waiting for you too! Bonne chance!!

  2. You sound so excited and optimistic to start another cycle. I'm excited for you and hope one of those four brings you a baby or two!

  3. I am so excited for you! I am praying this works and i can not wait to ready your pregnancy journey!

  4. Thinking of you and praying that these little ones are it for you. Wishing you all the luck in the world.

  5. Cannot wait for these 4 little embryos. I know that you are going to love them like nobody else could.

  6. I just LOVE how you write with such affection for those little embies. I sure hope that they are the last - very happy - step of your journey to a healthy baby. How lucky s/he'll be!