Monday, February 4, 2013

The BENEFITS (??!!) of IF treatment!

That's right. I am currently reaping and seeing the benefits of IF treatment. I'm talking about my weekly vitamin B12 shots and my daily vitamin D tablets (5000 IUs). My nails, which FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE have been short and which have broken easily are now BEAUTIFUL!

At first, I thought it was the manicure I got with my SiLs in Chicago for my BiL's wedding. That somehow the filing and the nailpolish back then (3 weeks ago) had "fixed" my nails. Nope. That polish is long gone and still, 3 1/2 weeks later, they are long and strong and GORGEOUS!

I texted a picture to my long-time friend, Life is Hard, as she's known me and my nails since I was 15. She even saw me in October - she filed her beautiful nails and I just sat there with my crappy nails.

Oh, am I ever loving the benefits to all this B12 and D flowing through me!!!!!

I have woken up two mornings to blood on the bridge of my nose - I've scratched myself during the night. I'm like a newborn - can't be trusted with my own nails!


My right hand is even longer and prettier, but I couldn't get a good shot of those nails.

I am not not not a girly girl. Don't wear any make-up but once a year for a special occasion (like the wedding in January). Daily, I get out of the shower, put my hair in a bun, and throw a bike helmet on it. I "style" my hair by putting it in knots all over my head so it's slightly curly by the afternoon.

But yesterday, which watching the Super Bowl with 7 friends, I asked my dear friend the home-owner if I could use her nail polish. We girlied up the Super Bowl. It was fun!

I'm sure I'll get over this. For now, though, it's fun!


  1. I have to admit, those are some pretty nails ":)

  2. Very nice. The D3, I take 50,000 IUs once weekly, has yet to help my nails. I have badly ridged nails that split easily.

  3. Those are indeed beautiful nails! Maybe I should up my B12, mine are always prone to chip.
    Hey, there have to be some small benefits, right? I say get as girly as you want and have fun!

  4. Gorgeous! Good luck with the cycle :)

  5. Finding those silver linings can be such a blessing in our lives!

  6. I'm still laughing about the fact that you scratch yourself in the middle of the night, hahaha, you are too funny! I love the nails! How fun, I love the positive new light and just in time for spring!!! In other news I need a trip - I want to visit you... so badly....